Every Troupe Hipnotica™ performance is a unique Tribal Belly Dance Experience. Our dances are sometimes “hypnotic“, sometimes festive and always improvised. Our movements are spun from a language of the body as first originated by Carolena Nericcio and Fat Chance Belly Dance.

Troupe Hipnotica™ is comprised of eight seasoned performers who have the versatility to adapt to any venue size. We dance to music from around the world, both traditional and modern club-style. Our performances include the use of finger cymbals, swords, baskets and candles.

For more information on troupe members and how to schedule us for your next special event, please see the Dancer Biographies (below) and Contact & Booking Information sections of this site.

For a look at Troupe Hipnotica™ in action, we invite you to view our performance demo:

Adriene Rice bio

Adriene Rice is the founder and director of Troupe Hipnotica™. She has been studying American Tribal Belly Dance since 1994 when she first discovered Fat Chance Belly Dance. As a member of the well known San Francisco troupe she had the opportunity to appear in instructional videos and perform in a variety of venues from international festivals to cafes and private parties.

For Adriene, Tribal Belly Dance allows her the opportunity to explore some of her favorite subjects: creativity, self-expression, and world cultures. She is forever fascinated by the "structured chaos" of improvisational choreography and she is continually inspired by the strength and creativity of the women in her troupe.

Carmel Drage


Julia Demarest

Julia's interest in tribal belly dance began in the mid 90's when she first saw performances by the mesmerizing Fat Chance Belly Dance. Shortly after moving to the Seattle area in 1995 she began studying traditional oriental style belly dance. In 2002 she began study with Adriene Rice and proudly joined her newly forming troupe. Julia received her B.A. with an emphasis in Buddhist Studies and Psychology from Evergreen State College in 2004 and her Master of Social Work from the University of Washington in 2006. In the future she would like to find creative ways to join her interest in social change with belly dance.

Julia sees tribal belly dance as a reflection of the increasing interconnected global community and feels blessed to be sharing the experience with the members of Troupe Hipnotica™ and the belly dance community as a whole.


Carmel Nichol Drage

Carmel is a lifelong dancer who has studied and performed many styles in the U.S. and abroad. She acquired her B.F.A in modern dance from the State University of New York (SUNY Purchase) where she studied ballet, Cunningham, Graham, Limon, and Klein techniques among others. Soon thereafter she discovered tribal belly dance and performed in New York with Planet Caravan. Locally she has performed and created multi-media works with Lunache and SIL2K. She is inspired by the true source of dance, how it is used both in the everyday and for rites of passage and celebration in various cultures. For her, tribal belly dance embodies this authentic expression beyond performance alone. She has been studying with Adriene Rice since 2002, has been with Troupe Hipnotica™ since its inception and has appeared in instructional videos including prenatal belly dance. She is honored to share this journey with the spirited individuals who comprise Troupe Hipnotica™.


Corie Brooke

Dance and music have always been an important part of Corie’s life. She began studying various styles of belly dance in 1997, and in 2002 began studying with Adriene Rice; joining the group of ladies that would form Troupe Hipnotica™. Tribal style belly dance weaves her passions for music, world cultures, history, art, and ritual; helping her to feel centered as an individual -- while connected with a troupe of amazing women.


Julia Sewell

Julia “Juls” became fascinated with belly dance at age 11 when she saw Jenaeni Rathor’s (Ansuya’s mother) Yaleil Dance Company perform at a small dinner club complete with tummy coin rolls, snake charm arms and hissing in the form of applaud. Later while living in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, she often went to Fat Chance Belly Dance performances. She was entranced by their display of female strength, unison of movement, exotic costuming and bold tattoos.

Still, she didn’t begin dancing until a Master of Social Work (MSW) student at the University of Washington. Tribal style belly dance had not yet exploded in the Seattle. Juls began cabaret style belly dance classes under Mish Mish and later became a member of Raqs Halim tribal fusion belly dance troupe.

In her professional life, Juls works with women survivors of interpersonal trauma. She is specifically interested in learning how one can physiologically heal from the grounding influence of creative movement. Juls sees improvisational tribal belly dance as an agent of healing by virtue of its unique gifts of mutual trust, body acceptance, community and remaining present “in the now”. She would like to find structured ways to bring this form of dance to trauma healing for women.

Juls feels honored to be one of the newest members of TH.


Leana Johns

Leana Johns has always loved to express herself through movement. Her love and interest of world cultures, history, music, creativity and getting more in touch her own diverse ethnicity led her to take up bellydancing in 2007. She started studying traditional Egyptian bellydance, but was intriqued by the aesthetic of Tribal Bellydance. Upon further research of this dance, she discovered that it was the trail she needed to follow. 10 months after beginning her bellydance journey, she began studying with Adriene Rice and has never looked back. Tribal bellydance feels like home and satisfies every aspect of her many interests. It has been a healing process where she has grown as a person and has turned into a passion that she can't imagine living without. The display of female strength and beauty, and connectiviy she shares with other dancers is extremely fulfilling.

She is truly honored to be the newest member of Troupe Hipnotica™.

In her personal life, she is a Licensed Aesthetician and a Make-up Artist. She loves helping others feel and look the best that they can. Tribal Bellydance led her to begin studying dramatic and creative make-up styles.


Lisa Donohue

Lisa was introduced to American Tribal Style belly dance in 2002 when she began studying with Adriene Rice. For Lisa, Tribal belly dance encompasses many of her life-long inspirations: world cultures and music, fine art, connectedness, antiquity and ceremony.

Lisa attended the Seattle Art Institute and School of Visual Concepts and currently works as a web designer and freelance graphic artist. She also enjoys henna/body arts, stained glass, mountaineering, yoga, paragliding and rock climbing.


Lynette Day

Lynette began studying oriental and cabaret style bellydance in 1998. She discovered American Tribal Style Bellydance when living in New Mexico in 2007. She was enthralled by the way this style brings a group of women together. The improvisational component allows for spontaneous communication and interaction with her troupe mates. Bellydance has always been a passion of hers and sharing the experience with others has made it more fulfilling.

Lynette also fills the role as an Occupational Therapist and loves her work. She gets a great sense of satisfaction when helping people with newly acquired or life long disabilities learn to be as independent as possible in this world. She has had the opportunity to travel throughout the Unites States and work in a variety of rehabilitation settings. She also enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, glass blowing, animals and change.


Adriene Rice
Julia Demarest
Carmel Drage
Corie Brooke
Julia Sewell
Leana Johns
Lisa Donohue
Lynette Kanelos

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