Learn the dance that celebrates the strength and beauty of the feminine spirit.

Troupe Hipnotica™ classes focus on the use of improv choreography within Tribal Belly Dance.  Both classic movements and unique derivatives of ATS are taught with an emphasis placed on posture.  Each level features a different set of movements as well as a double staged format that utilizes both sides of the body. All classes include a yoga inspired warm up and a low impact workout that helps strengthen the core.

Classes are run on an on-going basis. Drop-ins are always welcome. Join Troupe Hipnotica's™ mailing list to get information on upcoming workshops and class additions/updates.

Ongoing Classes with Troupe Hipnotica
Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm

Contact info@troupehipnotica.com to register.


Traditional basic ATS and Hipnotica signature moves are taught. Beginning concepts of improv choreography utilizing all angles of the stage and both sides of the body are introduced. Emphasis is placed on posture, a crucial element of Tribal improv that conveys the strength and beauty of the dancer while protecting the body.
Every class begins with a yoga inspired warm-up. Clothes comfortable for movement are encouraged. Classes can be taken as a series or on drop in basis.

Zils are used in most classes, and knee pads are recommended.

Fees $12 drop in or 6 classes for $65


Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Contact info@troupehipnotica.com to register.

This class explores intermediate variations of basic movements along with leading, following and more complex concepts of improv choreography. It is recommended that students have completed at least one full cycle of Beginning II before attending this class. To participate in student performances, attendance in this class is required for specific time periods. Classes can be taken as a series or on drop in basis.

Zils are used in most classes, and knee pads are recommended.

Fees $24 drop in or counts as two classes on a multiple class card (6 classes for $65)

Advanced Instruction
Thursdays 7-9pm

Teacher approval is required to attend this class. In this performance preparation class advanced ATS variations are explored along with the use of props, solos and large group formations.

Fees: $24 drop in or counts as two classes from a multiple class card. Purchase multiple classes for a discount.

Multiple Class Cards

6 single hour classes for $65


Class Attire

Students can wear comfortable work out clothes or a choli and full skirt. A shorter top is encouraged as seeing the movement of your hips greatly improves learning. Ballet thongs, shoes or socks are also recommended for turning movements. The intermediate class sometimes uses knee pads and all classes use zils or finger cymbals.


Studio Map & Directions

Troupe Hipnotica™ School of Tribal Bellydance
3853 36th Ave SW Seattle, WA
(enter at front door of residence)

Click here for map

Street parking is available in the vicinity.


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